Microsource manufactures products ideal for various industries





Founded in 2012 in Shenzhen.

MicroSource was born to ensure quality and customize the designs of our products for the Latam & worldwide market.

MicroSource operates a World Class Integrated Management System, ISO:9001-2015.

We always seek to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Why choose MicroSource?


We create products to compete in local markets.


 We offer practical and flexible warranty formats with support in local languages, according to the client’s needs.


We accompany our clients at every step to achieve their goals.

Our product lines

We develop customized Tablets, Laptops and Monitors including hardware & software, allowing them to be adapted to the needs of your company and providing exclusivity for your OEM brand.


Boost your brand, your businesses and improve your profitability

Own brands

MicroSource was born to ensure the quality of our own brands, distributed by Grupo Deltron in Peru. We since then have expanded our expertise to markets in neighboring countries and worldwide.

Leading technology brand in the Peruvian market providing products of total quality and warranty.

Our brands provide technological solutions at the best value for money.

Strategic allies

Representative and business partner

Company news

Latino entrepreneurs realize their dream of expanding their own brands in Shenzhen

Coming from two different Latin American countries, Carlos Enrique Berreondo Quezada, a 62-year-old Guatemalan, and Néstor Quispez-Asin, a 36-year-old Peruvian, have met at the same point in Shenzhen for the same dream: to have a company in China developing their own brands and serving others with a similar dream in Latin America and around the world.

Shenzhen MicroSource Electronics Ltd. is owned and managed by Grupo Deltron SA, Peru, one of the largest IT wholesalers in Latin America.

Nestor Quispez-Asin (Managing Director) & Carlos Berreondo (CFO) warmly welcome Rafael Saavedra @RafaGoesAround to a factory tour to recount their experience and goals as one of the few operations certified ISO 9001:2015 by the British Standards Institution in their field in China.